Automatic non-woven vacuum filter for centralized systems. Flow rate from 3100 to 9000 l/min

Series SAFI-C automatic vacuum filters clean coolants.


  • Suitable for all machine tools
  • Dry and compact sludges
  • Reduced non-woven consumption
  • Automatic and continuous operation
  • Perfect for centralized systems and high flow rates
  • Energy saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • High filtration degree thanks to a thick sludge panel
  • Reliable and solid construction
  • High flow rate thanks to the powerful depressor
  • Automatic non-woven winder with sludge separation available
  • Electrical equipment on request


The dirty liquid, channelled through a distributor that prevents turbolences, comes to the nonwoven fabric. A turbine creates the vacuum sucking air from the airtight chamber under the filtering bed. The difference of pressure between the chamber and the outside, allows the liquid to flows through the fabric.Once reached the vacuum chamber, the liquid flows to the collecting tank and is put back into circulation by a delivery pump. The vacuum effect increases the flow rate, allows to increase the filtration panel thickness and sucking air to obtain a dry and compact waste material. The dirty particles accumulate onto the fabric building up an additional layer of high quality that improves its filtration degree. The solid particles that built up clog the filter causing the raising of the liquid. When the set maximum level is reached, the floating switch starts off the advancing belt. The dirty fabric is conveyed into a dust bin whereas the clean fabric is ready again for filtration. Thanks to the short fabric advancing, only a small part of it is renewed so as to take advantage from the optimization of the fabric consumption and the better filtration result as the liquid goes through the layer created. The fabric advancing stages do not interrupt the filtration process. An end-of-roll mirco switch signals the end of the fabric roll.

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